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    Spring MLS Portal Increases Revenue Year Over Year with Cordless Media

    Four years ago, Spring partnered with Cordless Media as a way to provide additional ad revenue as an option for its clients. Without adding overhead to Spring, Cordless Media built out a custom ad technology stack that is now used as the default for all Spring websites. Since the initial integration, adoption and revenues have grown year-over-year.

    Diversified Revenue Sources

    Leading Ad-Serving Technology

    Positive User Impact

    Expert Ad Ops Team

    A few of our success stories…



    • 374% average increase over baseline
    • 116% increase in first 2 weeks
    • 151% average increase over baseline
    • 252% increase over previous provider
    •  23% increase over baseline within 48 hours
    • 256% average increase over baseline
    • 314% average increase over baseline
    • 154% increase over baseline

    Client Retention

    Your Success is Our Business

    We believe in integrity, longevity and providing top quality service. Continuously adding value to our clients is our number one focus. As a result, we’ve been fortunate to retain nearly all our clients since inception.


    2017 to Present


    All Time

    Products and Services Custom Tailored to the Real Estate and Investor Industries



    Our products are built in house with 100% focus on the Real Estate vertical.

    We understand that monetization at the cost of user experience is a deal breaker.

    For this reason our ad modules aim to increase the user’s experience by providing them with relevant brands, helpful information and useful tools.

    With Cordless Ad Modules you will see increased engagement and user satisfaction, while increasing your earnings at the same time.




    You are a Real Estate publisher.

    The technology and data you provide your users should be your main focus, not ad campaigns and yield optimization.

    Earning more from your site should NOT mean spending time away from your core business.

    Let our experienced team of experts handle your ad sales, campaign trafficking and yield optimization for you.


    Who is Cordless Media?

    More than 50 top Real Estate related websites use our ad technologies to increase their non-dues revenue

    After four years of consistent partnerships, our partners continue to see revenue growth year over year

    Our ads are focused on maximized earnings while maintaining a positive user experience

    Cordless Media is now the largest Real Estate focused ad network in the US.

    Not only was the team at Cordless Media incredibly responsive and professional; we were also able to dramatically increase our ad revenue/CPM's.



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    With Cordless Media You Will...

    Increase your earnings without adding overhead.

    Monetize your site without damaging your user experience.

    Decrease your workload, but keep control of your brand.

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