How the Spring MLS Portal Increased Revenue Year Over Year with Cordless Media


    The Spring MLS Portal, a service of FBS, powers dozens of the industry’s best Real Estate portals. Whether you want to build a single website or an app that serves thousands of brokers and agents, the Spring MLS Portal helps you publish the data you need, including listings, contacts, searches, favorites, and more.

    Starting in 2017, Spring partnered with Cordless Media as a way to provide additional ad revenue as an option for its clients. Without adding overhead to Spring, Cordless Media built out a custom ad technology stack that is now used as the default for all Spring websites. Since the initial integration, adoption and revenues have grown year-over-year.


    The Challenges

    Provide Spring clients with a better way to generate income



    Do so without increasing costs to Spring or clients

    Keep the platform safe from competitive ads

    Maintain site quality and user experience

    Grow revenue year over year

    The Results


    Spring (now part of FBS) first launched with Cordless Media’s solution in August of 2017. In their first full month, Spring earned 373% more than their previous monetization setup. Spring saw an additional 91% increase in August of 2018 on top of the previous 373% gains in August 2017.

    At the close of 2018 Spring had realized 303% more revenue in 2018 compared to total revenues in 2017. The trend has continued into 2019, with Spring seeing 127% growth compared to the same time in 2018. 

    Then, in 2020, a year many thought would be harsh on the industry, the Spring platform’s earnings far exceeded the years before. The trend continues into 2021.


    In Their Own Words

    When our traffic started to grow, our team realized that ad networks and their management were outside of their core competencies; while they were great at building web systems, ensuring ad network optimization was a challenge. We looked into Cordless at the behest of a valued customer and decided to run a trial for a few months.

    The results were astounding, making our customers very happy – since they receive the bulk of the income generated. A few our customers became cash flow positive, earning more in ad revenue than the cost of our service.

    Those great results are largely due to the relationship with Cordless.

    Matt Fowler

    VP, Portals, FBS: FlexMLS, Spring, Spark & Broker and Agent

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